LETTER: Simple suggestions for beautifying Almonte

Have any of you walked around the Town of Almonte lately, have you noticed the abundance of large growths of weeds or has it become a case of being so used to something that you no longer see it?

A Beautification Committee, a Recreation Committee, a Recreation Advisory Committee all exist. But if they do exist, what are their respective mandates? Should they not be leaning on the Public Works Director to do a similar walk-about and look at the state of our streets? The weed situation is getting ugly, there is not a street in Almonte that could not use a little weed trimming.

There is a swarth of wild parsnip, weeds and scotch thistles in Gemmill Park, parallel to and within 8 feet of Highway 49 and across from Metcalfe Park. It is about six feet wide and 75 yards long, not only is it unsightly but wild parsnip is dangerous to parents, their children and pets. The same stand was there and pointed out to Town staff two years ago. If they cannot cut it there should at least be warning signs posted at a very minimum.

While we are on the subject of parks. There is/was a trail/path/roadway through Gemmil Park from the ballfield out past well No. 6 curving around to Almonte Street. There are small interesting paths that diverge from it to different parts of the park. Most interesting and secluded, it was a peaceful labyrinth but is now just part of a jungle, impassable and uninviting. This beautiful area with so much potential, is now a wasteland simply because it has just been neglected. If the municipality does not have the interest or the resources to clean it up and restore it to its former beauty, perhaps a group of volunteers could take it on.

Oh yes, I am willing to put my labour and effort where my mouth is. If we can start a clean-up committee I am in, to whatever extent is necessary, where do we start?


Brian Gallagher