Who hasn’t felt overwhelmed from time to time? Is there anyone who doesn’t occasionally need some help to get things done?

Maybe you aren’t one of those lucky people who have parents or kids in the wings, ready to spring into action. But where do you turn for help?

Well, now there is someone you can turn to. Local woman Karen Smith has launched her new business “The Errand Runner.” Karen lives just outside Almonte with her husband and two school-age children. With a background in recreation, leisure studies and event planning, Karen has worked as a recreation coordinator and an event planner. She has run a variety of fitness programs and designed a walking program for young mothers that incorporated walking the babies in strollers. She is also the founder of the highly successful Mississippi Mills River Run and Walk fundraiser held in Almonte each year, with proceeds going to the Almonte General Hospital-Fairview Manor Foundation. Her desire to help people has led her to start this business.

As the company name suggests, she will run your errands for you. If you prefer, you can hop in with her while she takes you on your rounds. This can include hair or spa appointments, shopping for groceries, clothing or a special gift, or a stop at your bank, to name just a few.

Another service The Errand Runner offers is to be at your place when you can’t be. This could take the form of staying at your home when you are expecting a delivery or service person (so you don’t have to take yet another day off work). Ensuring that your home is checked on a regular basis when you are on vacation is another service offered.

Is your pantry out of control? Do your clothes closets desperately need to be organized? Are your kids growing out of their toys and clothes so fast you just can’t keep up with moving out the old and bringing in the new? Are you facing a big move? Could you use a hand to wipe down all your garden furniture and put it in storage? No need to lose sleep thinking about how these things are going to get done!

And think of this – you’ve agreed to throw a baby shower for a favourite niece, but the thought of all the work is making you second-guess your offer—you need to find a caterer, decide how to decorate, go buy the stuff, put it up… Once again, The Errand Runner can step in and help with all that and more.

You are invited to let your mind wander through the things in your life that you would like to delegate, so that your extra time is spent doing things you want to do, and give Karen a call.

For a complete list of the services The Errand Runner offers, visit www.theerrandrunner.ca, or simply call Karen at 613-798-3807. The Errand Runner is waiting to simplify your life!