Update from Mayor Lowry on Mill of Kintail museums

At a meeting earlier this week, the Board of the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority decided that a special advisory committee will be struck to examine the future of the R. Tait McKenzie and Dr. James Naismith collections in the museum at the Mill of Kintail Conservation Area.

Advisory committee members will include MVCA staff, board members and volunteers, as well as experts from the museum and fundraising sectors and government and non-government agencies.

Anyone wishing to be considered for a seat on the committee should contact MVCA’s Community Relations Coordinator Shannon Gutoskie at sgutoskie@mvc.on.ca no later than October 1.

Residents are always welcome to reach out to myself or Councillor Bev Holmes as your representatives on the MVCA Board.

To read the MVCA’s September 20th press release regarding the Special Advisory Committee, please go to: http://mvc.on.ca/mokmuseum/