Glenda Jones

The stellar production of “Who Stole Christmas in Mississippi Mills?” was unparalleled!! Author Rob Riendeau and director Kris Riendeau are owed a platinum thank you for pulling together a community cast and crew that gave us a Christmas gift we will never forget. The talent on stage, as well as backstage, reflected everything that Mississippi Mills stands for: cooperation, spirit, creativity, resourcefulness, and a sense of fun that includes every segment of our rich town. We all needed to be on our feet with a HUGE standing ovation!!

‘Thanks’ is hardly enough to cover the gratitude we owe the Riendeaus, who contribute so much of their personal devotion to this area. To write a musical like this, and have the commitment to produce it, shows their ability to defeat the Grinch’s plan to destroy the love and camaraderie that is Mississippi Mills.

I think I speak for everyone in thanking you both for what you continually give to our town.

With best regards for a well-earned rest over the holiday season.