October 2-4th, 2015

This is an opportunity to explore your own painting style. We will focus on creating dynamic compositions and colour mixing. I will give demonstrations, discuss my technique, provide some exercises and support you where you are in your painting development.

Cost: $375

Location: 67 Industrial Drive, Almonte

Limit: 8 students


Friday October 2, (6:30-9pm)
Saturday, October 3rd, (9:30-1pm)
Sunday, October 4th, (9:30-1pm).

Materials Required:
I paint in acrylics. Painters working in other mediums are welcome.
  • A large pad of newsprint
  • A set of brushes for acrylic–multiple sizes
  • A limited palette of colours. Newer painters: a single set of primary colours. For more experienced painters bring your regular palette
  • Three canvases or boards (masonite) ranging from 18″ x 20″ up to 40″
  • A water container, rags and a palette.
  • An easel is preferred. If you don’t have one please let me know.
You should know!
My teaching style acknowledges our styles are as individual as our faces.
While one likes to go home with a “finished” painting, that approach has ruined many a painting and can give paintings a laboured aesthetic. I encourage my students to stay fresh, fall down often, let go, produce a lot, discover what is working well and expand on that.
Rosemary Leach’s paintings explore the rich character of familiar objects. She responds to the contemporary “cool” aesthetic with a focus on what is warm, personal and evokes a story; a milk carton strapped to an old bicycle, espresso on a messy countertop. Her compositions honour a contemplative approach to everyday life and a celebration of lives deeply lived.
Her paintings are featured in collections from California to the east coast of Canada, in the UK and in Europe.
Contact: 613.256.7719