A play: Korczak’s Children

Set in the Second World War, Korczak’s Children is based on the true story of a Jewish man named Janus Korczak. Korczak, along with his second in command, Steffa Wilchinski, ran an orphanage during the Nazis occupation of Poland. Together with a couple other adults, they fed, educated and cared for close to two hundred children. In the midst of heartache and treachery, Korczak and Steffa managed to make a safe and loving home for the orphans of the Warsaw ghetto, but their relative peace and safety could not last. The Nazis began slowly emptying the ghetto and the ghetto rules grew sterner, as did the consequences to those who broke them. Finally, there does not seem to be much time left and Korczak must find a way to teach them the most important lesson of all, before it is too late.

This play is performed and produced by PACE, a group of high school-aged students who gather on every Monday to learn and grow together. This is the thirteenth year that PACE has presented a play. This year’s production is a true story, filled with humor that will make you smile, but it is also a sobering reminder of the past and the heartache that so many had to go through.

We are excited to present it on Wednesday May 31 at 1:15 and 7:00 pm and Friday June 2 at 7:00 pm at Cornerstone Community Church in Almonte. Tickets are free but donations are greatly appreciated!

For more information please contact pacedrama@gmail.com