Hub Hospice Palliative Care invites the community

Everyone is invited to attend the Hub Hospice Palliative Care Annual General Meeting on Thursday, June 14 at 7:00. The meeting will be held at St. Paul’s Anglican Church at 70 Clyde Street in Almonte.

The organization was incorporated in 2013, so this AGM marks the 5th year since incorporation — a milestone to be celebrated. A small group of men and women from Almonte Community Coordinators identified a need for a palliative care support program in Almonte and the surrounding area. In a wonderful display of kindness and commitment, and with the help and backing of The Hub, enough money was raised, and the separately incorporated and governed Hub Hospice Palliate Care was launched. The model — sending trained volunteers into the homes of the people who need the support, wherever home may be — has been meeting with success. Awareness has grown and the organization reflects that, with volunteers with a wide range of experience continuing to step up and help strengthen the organization and broaden the scope of support offered.

The future holds promise for this community-driven initiative, which could simply not exist without the support — both financial and through volunteerism — received from the people, businesses, churches, medical organizations and service clubs in the region.

Compassion, generosity and kindness are alive and well in our community!

Hub Hospice Palliative Care (HHPC) is a not-for-profit registered Canadian charity funded through donations and targeted fundraising initiatives. We are a “Hospice without walls.”  We provide in-home palliative care support for adult clients and their families in North Lanark.