Lanark County is investigating a disturbing 911 incident in connection with the collapse of Carl Welk who died on July 5. Mr. Welk was cleaning the church yard at Guthrie United Church in Clayton  when  he collapsed shortly after 8 a.m. Numerous calls to 911 from cell phones and land lines went unanswered.  The phone just kept ringing with no pick up. The 911 calls from Mississippi Mills are answered in North Bay.

CPR was started immediately by bystanders and a defibrillator was brought to the scene but attempts to revive Mr. Welk were fruitless. Merv Logan of  Almonte called Mississippi Mills Fire Chief Art Brown to tell him an ambulance was needed and that no one could reach 911. After trying and failing to reach 911 himself, Chief Brown called fire dispatch which has a direct line to ambulance dispatch to send an ambulance. Mr. Brown contacted the County to request an investigation into the incident.

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