The Greene Mill will be hosting B.A Johnston for their end of the season party.
There will be prizes, $5 chili cheese dogs, proceeds of the event will be going towards the Lanark County Food Bank and of course to the artist, B.A Johnston.

The event will be on Sunday October 4th 2020 1pm. Tickets are $10 in advance , you can purchase tickets over at eventbrite

Or on facebook

B.A. Johnston, who tours relentlessly in Canada and the UK to small audiences including, at the moment front lawn concerts, is one of the many artists who has benefited from Canada’s CERB payments which have been the federal government’s response to the Covic 19 crisis will perform at the event. He has said,

“CERB has allowed me to not actually have a life, and it’s also allowed me to prepare for the fact that I might have to shelve B.A. Johnston for a longer period of time. If I didn’t get CERB, I’d probably have to start going to trucking school, I’m not even half-joking,” reveals Johnston. “CERB’s allowing me more time to plan if I continue to do this or if I have to find something else to do. I imagine I’m probably not the only musician to grapple with that.”

He’s not. CERB has given over 8.5 million Canadians, including plenty of musicians and artists, stability in an uncertain time, allowing them to remain financially secure while most of their sources of income have been shuttered for the foreseeable future. And with CERB now set to expire on September 27, replaced by a modified version of Canada’s Employment Insurance program for one year.