You won’t want to miss seeing the musical comedy ‘A Peak at Pakenham’ which features the history of Pakenham, starting a billion years ago to about 1860 (had to stop there – too much history!).

Playwright Fern Martin started by interviewing local geologist Neil Carleton (Pakenham has very interesting geological features) – and then talked to him again and again (geologists use big words!).

As she researched, some fascinating characters emerged – so the play features:

  • a mountain – Ed Lawrence
  • a quarry – Jenny Pfitzer
  • a grandmother with magical powers – Tracy Julian
  • and two young people who need help with their history project.

The chorus have many roles including dancing fossils, singing and dancing belugas and a mystery animal soon to be revealed.

Then there’s the Algonquins, the Scots, the Irish, and the truly amazing Andrew Dickson — not only the founder of the community but a recognized geologist, educator, leader in Prison Reform. He was largely responsible for Pakenham being the cultural centre of Eastern Ontario (and highly respected by the Algonquins).

Director/choreographer Kris Riendeau has enhanced the script with clever direction.
Costume designer Carol Mortimer has created truly magical designs — going over the top — the belugas are a hoot!

The play will be performed at Almonte’s Old Town Hall, the evenings of November 15, 16, 17 with a matinee and evening performance on Saturday the 18th.

Tickets are $20, $10 for children and can be purchased at Baker Bob’s in Almonte, Nicholson’s Sundries in Pakenam and at both Almonte and Pakenham Libraries. Proceeds to support the beautiful renovations of the Pakenham Public Library (to open on November 7).

For more information please contact