Friday, July 1, 2022
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 Canada Day

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Classified AdsA Very Special Couch

A Very Special Couch

Back in the late sixties we often took the children to an auction, great entertainment during the school holidays. On one such trip a couch caught my eye, and I bid on it but the price went way beyond my pocket.

I went to visit a good friend and await my commuting husband. I described the couch I wanted, a long couch with a high back and my friend said there was one for sale across the road in Menzies House. We had a look and loved the couch. “Seventy-five dollars and it’s yours, but you have to get it out of here” we were told. So with help from more friends we got the thing out, brought it home, and have loved it ever since.

We were told the couch came from “a gentlemen’s club in Montebello”, which must have been the famous Seigniory Club. This couch may well have been sat upon by such people as Bing Crosby, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford and Harry S. Truman, to mention but a few of the celebrities who were guests at the Seigniory Club.

This couch was lovingly restored years ago. It needs a new home and a new look. It can be yours for a reasonable gift to the Hub’s Betty Neill Endowment Alzheimer’s Fund, but history repeats itself and “you have to get it out of here”.

If you are interested in continuing the story of this special couch, please call 613-220-9796 or email




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