Tech Support Services from mid-January until early May or so

I’m back from college and will be in town again for a few months. Many regulars like to know so they can plan tech support visits from me.

Holloway Tech Support provides mobile, affordable support across Mississippi Mills and beyond

  • Do you have a computer or laptop that needs repairing or replacing?
  • Are you having trouble with your computer, electronic device or phone?
  • Do you need help getting the most out of your tablet or e-reader?
  • Is setting up a new email address or using social media something you wish you had help with?
  • Are you having technical issues that you just can’t sort out, including networking and internet access?

I’m here to help! With a proven track record of successfully supporting a wide range of clients with all kinds of technology issues, I can help you with whatever issue you may have.

Since 2014 I have been helping customers in Almonte, Clayton, Pakenham, Carp, Carleton Place and Ottawa. I have many happy customers who will gladly provide references for the effective, affordable and friendly support I provide, including a good number of local business owners.

Get the technical issues that have been driving you crazy sorted out quickly this winter and spring, with help from Oliver Barber at Holloway Tech Support:, 613-250-2084.