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LivingHealthAGH Rosamond Unit provides complex continuing care to patients

AGH Rosamond Unit provides complex continuing care to patients

Almonte General Hospital’s 26-bed Rosamond Unit provides complex continuing care to patients who no longer need acute care, but are not ready to be discharged.

Patients in the Rosamond Unit generally have long-term illnesses and/or disabilities with very complex needs. This complex care is provided by a team of skilled individuals. Many of these professions/specialties are not available at home, or to the extent that these residents need. For some, the intensity of their care is not reasonable for a long-term care facility.

Some people are in the Rosamond Unit for a relatively short period of time and others may stay for much longer. In 2011, the average length of stay was just over five months.

The focus of care for our Rosamond patients is achieving and maintaining the highest levels of physical, mental and psychosocial functioning that each individual resident is capable of. This Restorative Care approach concentrates on what patients can do, not on their limitations.

Our multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, dietitian, recreation therapist and pharmacist work together to create individualized, progressive programs for each patient. When possible, the patient is also involved in setting his or her own goals. Family members are also active participants in decision-making.

An individualized plan of care is developed and reviewed on a regular basis, including all treatments and medications. Regular assessment and evaluation provides continuity and identifies times when consultation of a specialist may be required.

Restorative Care utilizes the skills and expertise of each discipline to plan, implement, and facilitate returning a resident to their highest physical, mental, and psychosocial functional level. A restorative care approach prevents avoidable resident declines by promoting activity, mobility and independence in daily activities. It also encourages and empowers patients by providing opportunities for them to participate in meaningful activities and see improvement in their own wellbeing.

In addition to the physical improvements in strength and ability to perform activities of daily living such as dressing, washing and eating, the benefits of a Restorative Care model include improved sleep, better mood, fewer falls and better overall quality of life.

Assisted by a dedicated group of volunteers, the Rosamond staff provide walking and exercise programs for the patients as well as therapeutic recreation activities, which may include crafts, sing alongs, friendly visits/chats, entertainment and other group activities that stimulate both brain and body.

At the end of their stay, some patients go on to long-term care while others may go to another type of facility. Whenever possible, they return to their own homes with appropriate supports in place.

Mary Wilson Trider is the President and CEO of the Almonte General Hospital. Mary-Ellen Harris is Interim Manager of the Rosamond Unit and Assistant Director of Care at Fairview Manor.





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