After a couple years of contemplation, Alliance Coin and Banknote has just struck its own 1 oz pure silver medallions (or “rounds”, as they are called in the precious-metals business), featuring the  company logo and Almonte town name.

Alliance Coin and Banknote received them in the final days of 2012, and believe they will likely be the only private silver issues within the industry for the past year.

1,000 pieces were struck for Alliance by the Northwest Territorial Mint in Nevada, who are the largest private mint in North America.  They also strike many prestigious medals for organizations and the  U.S. government, including the Pulitzer Prize medals, and many/most United States military decorations.

The coins  are for sale at the Alliance shop on Mill Street in Almonte, as well as at trade shows.  The price would normally fluctuate daily with the price of silver, however Alliance has currently fixed fixed the price at $36 per oz which is their cost.

Alliance hopes the coin will promote both the town of Almonte and the company.