Almonte Alameda donors and supporters

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Judy Agnew and Brad Jones
Amelia Ah You
Lorraine Albert and Bruce Attfield
Almonte Community Coordinators
The Almonte Cook Book Club
Almonte and District Horticultural Society
Almonte Farmers Market Association
Almonte Lions Club
Angie Arendt
Deborah Arnold
The Attley Family
Matthew Ayling and Laura Penney
Ron and Katrina Ayling
Chris Baburek
Ian and Cathe Baker

Evelyn Barr
Gail Barr
David Bassett
Beautiful Eastern Association of Snowmobile Trails (BEAST)
Gary Beaucaire and Sue Evans
Beautiful Eastern Ontario
Ellinor Bech and Griffins
Ursula Beddoes
Mary Biggs
Barbara and Jim Blair
Cathy Blake
Jean Brathwaite
Stephen Brathwaite
Paul and Shirley Brennae
Andy and Glenna Brown
Neil and Lucy Carleton
Christy Carlson
Richard Carroll and Karen Bruce
Clair Carty
Brian and Chris Cavan
Arthur and Terri Clarke
Jane Coyle
Jim and Maureen Dagg
Natalie Dalton
Colin Davies
Darlene Davis and James O’Shea
Shirley Deugo
Fay Devlin and Kay Dingman
Heather Douglas
Scott and Lorraine Downey
Paddy Doyle
Janet Duncan
Michael Dunn
Robynne Eagan
Lita Edwards and Ron Whitehorne
Robert Elkington
Judy Evans
Tracy Felice
Dagne Forrest -Foil Media
Brent Foster and Lynn Melbourne
Nick and Dini Frans
Paul Frigon
David Frisch and Kim Narraway
Sheila Furlong
Blanche and Michel Gauthier
Brendan Gawn
Bernhard Gesicki
Vicki and Fred Geuer
Cathy Giles
Betty Goodwin and Family
Kurt Greaves
Chris Grosset and Richard Skrobecki
Helen Halpenny
Sue Hamilton
Bruce Hempell
Louise and Lorne Heslop
Karen Hirst
Bonnie and Leslie Huskins
Colleen and Joe Irvin
David Ivens
Diana Jackson
Don Johnston and Georgina Wigley
Tracy Julian and Kim Curran
Ingrid Kadoke and Arnie Francis
Penny and Wayne Kearns
Mike Keffer and his grandchildren Rory, Sylas and Priya
The Kehoe and Torrance Family
Ken Kicksee
Jacquie Kirkland
Jeanne d’Arc Labelle
Lanark County
The Lanark & District Chapter of the Ontario Woodlot Association
Michael Landers
Patricia and Peter Laurich
Carolyn Lawrence
Ed Lawrence and Tove Hunding
Learning in Almonte
Isabelle Lefebvre
Ted and Jennifer Legg
Richard Limmert and Janet Nesbit
Brian Ling and Jo Harris
Gary and Joy Loubert
Christa Lowry
Sean MacKenzie
Michael and Jean Macpherson
Peter and Marilee Mansfield
Guy Marchildon
Judy Marsh
Fern and Peter Martin
Jill McCubbin
Bob and Lois McKay
Harold McKay
Elizabeth McKibbin
Jane and Donald McLeod
Angie McMurray
Jocelyn McPhail
Ken McRitchie
Gudrun and Malte Medzigall
Christine Miguel
Jeff and Gill Mills
Mill Street Books
Rick Minnille Construction
Peter and Rosalind Moller
Phyllis and James Moore
Sharon and Robert Moore
Christine, Darcy, Tom and Jack Moses
Katie Mulligan
Krissie Murphy – Mane Door Salon
John and Susan Muston
Linda Nilson
Sean and Jessica Norris
Jennifer Noxon
Janet and Noel Noyes Brown
Dawn Oosterhoff
Ottawa Valley ATV Club
David and Carol Overholt
Amy Parker
Andrew Penney
The family of the late Jim Paul
Mary Pfaff
Heather Phaneuf and Peter Baran
Al Potvin
Donna Price
Paige Pugh
Maria and Paul Ralph
Wendy Rampton
Women’s Institute
Catherine Ray
Catherine Renwick and Ken Bushell
Nancy and Steve Reside
Dan and Liz Rouleau
Mary Rozenberg
Jennifer and Sha Sha Ryder-Jones
Fraser Scantlebury
Richard Scholes
Herman and Rosella Schroeder
Gene Scissons
George and Jean Shafer
Jennifer Sheffield
Sivarulrasa Gallery
Penny Skelton
R.B. Skinner and M.M. Shugg
Marianne and Greg Smith
Sherryl and Bob Smith
Liz de Snaijer
Marilyn Snedden
Gloria Sobb
Art and Lea Anne Solomonian
Doug and Mary Sonnenburg
Greg Sonneveld – Pynacker Doors
Kathy and Graham Spearman
Sarah Spinks
Allan Stanley and Eileen Hennemann
Robert and Yvonne Stearns
Louise Stevenson
Chandler Swain, Susan Woodley
Kathleen Teahen
Paddy Thomas Vargas
Sherry Thomson-Morton
Barb Tosh
Town of Carleton Place
Bill Treusch and Donna Sloan-Treusch
Mel and Jill Turner
Children of Des and Elizabeth Vaughan
Dick and Lorraine Veenstra
Vicki Veenstra
David Venoit
The Pat Vetter/Wilson Family
George Wade
Gillian White and George Birchall
Pat Bradley-White and Martin White
Leslie and Ron Williamson
Emily Winchester
Phil and Gay Wood
Giles Young
Noreen Young and Bruce Kingsley

Corporate Donors

BML Landscaping
Branje Metal Works
Cavanagh Construction
Cooney Construction
LBL Contracting
Levi?s Home Hardware
Millstone News
Mother Earth Landscape Materials
Rental Village
Sport Systems Canada
The Planting and Watering Crews

Thank you to everyone who helped to bring our Alameda to life

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In memory of

Beth Amory
John Brathwaite
Melissa Callihou
Sylvia Conboy
Vera Crocker
Bruce Duncan
George Eccles
Connor Engleberts
Rod Goodwin
Christine Elder Johnston
Erich and Irmgard Kadoke
Erna Kristensen
Judy Bartlett Landers
Chuck Lawrence
Michael Legg
County Councillor John Levi
Cheryl MacDonald
Bruce and Betty McCubbin
Marty Patrick McKale
County Councillor Shaun McLaughlin
Alan Mirabelli
Leigh Raymond Morton
William Mussel
Courtlandt Noxon
Doug Preece
Jim Paul
Jack and Ellie Reid
Frances and Bob Renwick
Doris Scholes
Christine Skrobecki
Richard Starnes
Norma Diane Twizell
Daizie Tyrlik
Harry and Mason Veenstra
Frank Vetter
Alan Watts
H. Brig Young

In honour of

The Barley Shakers
Matt and Sarah Jaynes? 25th wedding anniversary
The Ling and Harris families and grandchildren
“Liam Richardson, Mika Allan, Gemma Allan”
Des and Elizabeth Vaughan
Pat Bradley White and Marty White