Robin Webb, President of the Almonte Amateur Radio Club (AARC), is pleased to announce that the club will donate $1,000 to the Almonte General Hospital (AGH) Foundation to show support for the frontline workers at both the hospital and the manor. Al Roberts, Managing Director of the Foundation, stated donations like this are put towards the purchase of new or replacement equipment like IV pumps, recovery room and vital sign monitors, and a new ventilator, crucial to the care of COVID-19 patients.

Emergency Operations Centre at the Almonte General Hospital

Following the cancellation of the club’s annual dinner in January, due to bad weather, and the new date set for April that was also cancelled as a result of COVID-19, several members offered their ticket purchase for the AGH donation.

The AARC provides amateur radio communications to the community in the event commercial services are disrupted or compromised, or if there are communication requirements for an event. In partnership with the AGH and the Municipality of Mississippi Mills, the club has an emergency operations room set up at the hospital that can link amateur radio operators in all parts of Lanark County.

The club is always looking for new members. If anyone wishes to become involved with amateur radio, please go to the club website at

To show support for our frontline workers at the AGH and FVM, please go to