Our community dock at 300 Spring Street is getting old and urgently needs to be replaced.  The existing dock was built 3 years ago and has been very popular with families and paddling enthusiasts from the Almonte area.  It has been heavily used by hundreds of people and is showing its age from wear and tear.   Each year, it is pulled out in the Fall by community volunteers and put back in the Spring. This year, when it was pulled out, there was major damage to the floats.

Three years ago, the dock was paid for by a community crowd-funding campaign which raised $1200 for materials, which were purchased locally at Levi Home Hardware. The dock was built and installed by a small group of community volunteers and was intended to be temporary, to bridge until additional funding can be secured for a permanent dock. Maintenance is also done by volunteers.

If you live in the Almonte area and own a canoe or kayak, you have likely used our dock. It is the only community dock in Almonte, situated on a lovely part of the Mississippi River in Riverfront Estates with a beautiful scenic run from Almonte to Appleton.

We are now launching a second community crowd-funding campaign.  Please donate what you can to help fund a new dock.  Our goal is to raise $7500 to purchase a new dock that will be much more stable and secure than our old temporary dock, and can be more easily moved onto shore in Fall and replaced in Spring.

Please help!

Click on our GoFundMe link: https://gofund.me/bc0b33c0.,  or search on the GoFundMe website for “Almonte dock”. For more information, email Angela at riverfrontdock@gmail.com  or text (free) to 408-898-1766.  Your support and donation will help build a new and improved community dock for all to enjoy.

Thank you! Almonte Community Dock Volunteers