Sunday, September 25, 2022
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An Idea Worth Pursuing! An Open Letter to Electoral Candidates

Congratulations to Christa Lowry as Mayor acclaimed....

Olde Tyme Country dinner and dance, Clayton, October 2

Clayton community centre October 2/22 2pm -...

Diana’s Quiz, September 24 2002

Where in Canada is the town...
NewsAlmonte entertains a moose

Almonte entertains a moose

A large young moose crossed the lower arm of the Mississippi River onto Coleman’s Island on October 1 and stolled across to the upper arm where it walked across the  river and was cornered by police in a back yard on Princess Street. Police tranquilized the moose and moved it to Darby Timmon’s farm on the road to Blakney on Saturday morning . A moose was seen standing on Wolfe Grove Road this morning, Sunday. It may have been the visitor, probably heading home.

Moose in field

Moose on the loose 




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