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LivingHealthAlmonte family physicians relocating to 95 Spring Street

Almonte family physicians relocating to 95 Spring Street

The Ottawa Valley Family Health Team (OVFHT), which includes 11 Almonte family physicians and seven interdisciplinary health professionals, is moving into a single clinic location at 95 Spring Street.

"The move will in no way affect the care that patients receive," said Ms. Strazza. "Patients will continue to have access to their own family physicians. However, they will also have access to additional health services and health care providers in the same location. They will also be able to benefit from chronic disease management programs and resources."

The physicians’ offices are moving in stages to ensure a gradual and smooth transition for patients and physicians. Once an office move is complete, including the successful migration of computer records, the next one will begin. "The exact date of each physician’s office move will be available a few days in advance," Ms. Strazza explained. "Once a physician’s office move is complete, patients will begin seeing that physician at 95 Spring Street instead of at the physician’s former office."

The Almonte General Hospital has completely renovated the first floor of 95 Spring Street to accommodate the OVFHT. "We look forward to serving patients in this spacious and attractive location, which has new furnishings and equipment," said Ms. Strazza.

Ms. Strazza said the OVFHT is sending letters about the relocation to all patients currently enrolled with a physician who is moving. The OVFHT website——will update the status of each physician’s move as information becomes available. After February 21, 2012, patients can also call 613-256-9370 to hear a recorded message with current information about the relocation. The OVFHT is also communicating general information about the move via advertising in local media, through materials available at physicians’ offices and in flyers posted in the community. After the move, recorded messages and signage will redirect people who call or visit a physician’s former office to the new location.

"We will do our best to minimize the impact of the move on patients," said Ms. Strazza. "If you have an appointment during the relocation period, your physician’s office will contact you to confirm the location of your appointment."

?Family Health Teams (FHTs) bring together different health care providers to co-ordinate the highest possible quality of care for patients. FHTs consist of doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners and other health care professionals who work together to provide care.

In addition to delivering comprehensive health care services, FHTs support programs to manage and prevent chronic disease. The OVFHT, which began operating in November 2010, develops and delivers chronic disease management and health promotion programs, including programs for diabetes, geriatrics, respiratory diseases/smoking cessation, mental health and women’s health/maternal and postpartum care. These services are available free of charge to patients enrolled with an OVFHT physician.

The new clinic will be on the fully renovated first floor of the former Fairview Manor building. The 11 family physicians will move in stages, over at least five weeks, beginning in late February 2012. The interdisciplinary health professionals, which include a nurse, nurse practitioner, dietitian, chiropodist, pharmacist, social worker and psychiatrist, are already located at 95 Spring Street.

"Having all of our providers practising together in one location will increase the level of and access to primary care services to our community," said OVFHT Executive Director Antoinette Strazza. "Operating at one location will provide many benefits to patients. Services will be centralized and convenient, our health care providers will be able to collaborate and consult with each other to enhance care, and patients will have access to more health providers at one location."

 The family physicians relocating include Dr. Heather Abramenko, Dr. William Blaine, Dr. Christiane Deschenes, Dr. Mike Dolan, Dr. Franz Ferraris, Dr. Melissa Forbes, Dr. Ursula McGarry, Dr. Graeme McKillop, Dr. Jody Murray, Dr. Anne Oldfield, and Dr. Cecil Rytwinski.

For more information or to arrange an interview, contact:



Executive Director

Ottawa Valley Family Health Team

613-256-2514 ext. 2270








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