by Mary WIlson Trider

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In early November, I advised readers of this column that two surveyors from Accreditation Canada would be visiting Almonte General Hospital and Fairview Manor to conduct an external peer review.

This review, which is based on standards of excellence, provides an opportunity to learn how to improve what we are doing, in order to provide the best possible care and service to our patients and residents.

 Sandra Kearns and Brian Payne spent three-and-a-half days at Almonte General Hospital/Fairview Manor (AGH/FVM) meeting with staff, physicians, volunteers, patients, family members and representatives of organizations we work with, touring the facilities and reviewing documentation

I am pleased to report that Almonte General Hospital/Fairview Manor met 94 per cent of Accreditation Canada’s high priority criteria and 87 per cent of its other criteria, for an overall score of 90 per cent.

We met 31 of 34, or 91 per cent of the Required Organizational Practices (ROPs), which are the areas where Accreditation Canada places greatest emphasis.

Comments in the report included:

  • · AGH/FVM provides a high quality of care and services to the population it serves
  • · Community partners reflect the positive relationships that have been established
  • · The staff are very dedicated and loyal employees and provide a high quality of care and services
  • · Patients and families appreciate the high quality that they receive
  • · The organization has made significant progress with their quality management journey over the past year.

AGH/FVM has been awarded Accreditation with a requirement to provide a report to Accreditation Canada in April 2012 showing that the organization has met the three ROPs that were unmet during the survey.

AGH/FVM must also submit a second report by October 17, 2012 with evidence that a number of high priority standards have been met.

Work to achieve the unmet ROPs was underway prior to the survey but hadn’t yet been completed, as was work on many of the standards. I and the AGH/FVM Senior Team have the greatest confidence that the reporting requirements will be met or exceeded.

I would like to extend my thanks to all at AGH/FVM who worked so hard to prepare for and participate in the Accreditation survey. Special thanks to the community partners and to the patients and families who took the time to speak with the surveyors. Your input was very helpful and much appreciated.


Mary Wilson Trider is President & CEO of AGH/FVM