Sunday, July 14, 2024
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NewsAlmonte Horticultural Harvest Show

Almonte Horticultural Harvest Show

by Marilyn Snedden

The newly air conditioned Mississippi ValleyTextile Museum provided a perfect venue for the Almonte Horticultural Society Flower and Vegetable Show held there on August 25 when the tables were filled with beautiful displays of what members could find in their parched gardens.

Harvest Festival

Helen Halpenny and Judge Gay MacQuarrie admire her prize winning design-"Branching Out".

Everyone noted how early the produce is maturing with huge butternut squash on display and baskets of dried money plant already mature. Someflowers usually at their best in August are over and beans were in short supply.

The theme “Trees” was carried out in the design classes and the new addition of Photographs with titles such as “Branching Out” and “A Silhouette”.The theme tied into the wonderful exhibit presented by “THREADWORKS” on until Sept 22 in the lower level of the museum. The stitchery is from creative people across Ontario who compete for honours in the travelling exhibit. It is a treat not to be missed.




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