Friday, February 23, 2024
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LivingFood and DrinkAlmonte inventor creates new technology to combat obesity - the ever-loving donut with 60% less fat

Almonte inventor creates new technology to combat obesity – the ever-loving donut with 60% less fat

by Joan Levesque

You may have seen the sign at the corner of Industrial Rd and Ottawa St. for the past two Friday mornings  “Donuts” and an arrow heading down Industrial  Rd.   The donuts are made on site, FRESH, 60% less fat, taste great and you can stop by every Friday.

I had the privilege of sitting down with ‘hft’ owner and inventor Ed Atwell, a very humble man, J-Y Lemoine VP Marketing and Sales along with James Atwell at their business “hft” Healthy Food Technology located at 25 Industrial Rd. in Almonte.  Ed, along with J-Y, Doris Atwell VP Finance, son’s James, William, and daughter Faith all work in this unique company.

Their main objective is to change the world concerning obesity.  Their approach to help combat obesity with fried food is simple: the solution is not in how and what people eat but it is in how it is processed. Exercising and dieting are great ways to combat obesity and have a healthy life style but we need to attack the source of the problem. High daily fat consumption is one of the causes of obesity. Fast food restaurants with fried menu items are everywhere and extremely popular. Why not start there? Why not combat obesity through technology. It is a proactive approach. Ed and J-Y stated that in Ontario alone the cost of health care for obesity has hit sky high.  “We want to be able to let you eat the same foods and yet the food can be anywhere from 50-70% less fat.  This comes down to 50-70% less fat means there is 50-70% less obesity and 50-70% less health care concerning obesity.    Doctors and politicians should welcome this new process.”

“hft” was created with a vision and determination to invent and design new technology that will provide healthier choices of food products to consumers.  Their mission statement is simple.   “Expect great taste without guilt”.

Ed has been working in the food industry for over 25 years and his dream has always been to find a way to reduce the fat content in fried food without any modifications to the product itself, the oil or the recipe/mix. Food processing or production time remains the same as before; it is still fast food but with half the fat content.

Ed selected the donut as his first challenge because of its popularity and its high fat content.  He discovered a revolutionary new concept for frying donuts.  The application of this revolutionary process led the way to the design and concept of the state of art fry-baker.

This fryer and new process produce donuts that contain 50-70% LESS FAT without compromising the taste in any way.  How does this work?   In the case of the typical donut they used a donut from a restaurant chain, their mix, their oil, then put their product through hft’s frying process machine and the end result was 50% less fat in that particular donut.    HFT products have been tested by independent laboratories or by restaurant/companies themselves.    The donut weighs and looks the very same.

HFT has created a plain cake vanilla donut that contains only a total of 4.5 grams of fat.  It also tastes great.  More fat content does not equate to better taste or flavour in a donut.

This revolutionary product applies not only to donuts, but to any fried food including the  fried chicken, chicken nuggets, french fries, pogo’s and onion rings.

If you would like to try their product drop by any Friday, they have a great variety of donuts and a delicious éclair.

Large orders can be–pre-arranged by calling Doris at 613.256.9900.  If you might be interested in this product for your company, please drop by to visit with Ed or J-Y they would be pleased to meet with you.





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