IMG_1729President Guy Chaput from the Almonte Lawn Bowling Club briefed the Town Council at their meeting on 16 June regarding the operation of the Club. He highlighted the tremendous contribution the Town has made toward the successful operation of the Club. The Club, founded in 1911 enjoys a well-earned reputation as one of the best Clubs in Eastern Ontario. With help from the Town and many Club volunteers the Club’s Bowling Green is now second to none and a real pleasure on which to bowl. The Club is now reviewing the opportunity to expand its sport reach through offering a variety of sports suitable to our venue.

Guy highlighted the Club’s efforts to obtain additional financial support through the application for various grants to assist in offsetting the funding provided by the Town. Of current interest to the Club is the opportunity to extend the Club’s lease with the Town to facilitate the acquisition of long-term grants and the improvement of lighting for night bowling.

Guy concluded his briefing with a sincere thanks to the Town Council from all Club members for their continued support of our Club.