Dem bones, dem bones!

Everyone loves a mystery, and even more, solving one.  The Almonte Lecture on March 31 will attempt to do that when Paul Marland will delve into the 15th century story of King Richard III, whose bones were disinterred during excavations in Leicester, England in 2012. Perhaps Richard was not the villain he was purported to be; perhaps he was instead the victim of the House of Tudor. There was adequate evidence that the bones were indeed those of the last king of the Plantagenet line, and the remains were given a formal burial inside the Leicester Cathedral, as per the agreement when the investigation began into their identity.

“Hunchback’d toad”?

Mr. Marland has waited a year to deliver this lecture.  He has studied this subject in detail, and will have enlightening information to add to what was a major news story in 2012 when the bones were discovered and 2015 when they were again buried.  Putting the pieces of the historical puzzle together had proven difficult up to the discovery of the presumed skeleton, but now there seems to be a proper ending for the famous Battle of Boswell Field.

This is the second-last of this year’s series which has proven as popular as ever.  The lecture will be Friday, March 31, 7:30 p.m. at the Almonte United Church Community Hall, and as always is free. Don’t miss this opportunity to add to your knowledge of the “Hunchback’d toad” so well defined in Shakespeare and in the historical dramas seen of late on TV. You’ll have new insight to his fate: was Richard a victim or a villain?  Only Marland knows for sure!

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