by Glenda Jones.

Almonte lecture series logoAfter thirteen years of organizing the Friday night Almonte Lecture Series, Don Wiles is handing the reins to Warrren Thorngate. He and Warren have worked together for the past year making sure the transition will be seamless, recruiting the lecturers for the upcoming season, and devising new methods for updating publicity.

Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Carleton University, Dr. Thorngate brings a wealth of experience to the lecture series. His connections to the university are ongoing, providing access to a wide spectrum of people with various areas of interest. Audiences will know Dr. Thorngate not only for his lectures, but also for the courses he has conducted for the Learning in Almonte series. In fact, he will be offering a new course in January of 2016.

On May 28, the organizers of the lecture series were offered a sneak preview of the 2015/16 topics, which will include environmental subjects, health issues, and even an investigation of the demise of Richard III. The major coup, however, will be Don Wiles own presentation, a lecture called “The Artist Meets the Chemist.” He promises this will be a special lecture given exactly 13 years after he gave the inaugural presentation at the Almonte Library in 2003. At that time, some 80 people turned out to hear Don explain how chemistry is involved in the creation of everything. This lecture will be the follow-up: how chemistry is involved in the deterioration of everything.

The lecture series begins in late September and runs once a month for seven lectures through the end of March. Information is posted on the website:. as it becomes available. These lectures are funded by donations from the attendees, there is no formal charge or sign-up required.