Glenda Jones

and the Almonte Lecture Series promised to return, and they are. In January the two groups are joining forces to present a unique online series of two lectures by Richard Van Loon, Past President of Carleton University. Titled” Hard Travel”, the two lectures will focus first on exploration of the St. Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers and the adventurers who navigated them, and secondly on Alexander MacKenzie’s expedition across North America to the West Coast. Dr. Van Loon’s interest in First Nations people will make this series particularly informative as he combines the European quest for territory and trade with the cultures of Indigenous people.

The lectures will be presented via Zoom on January 29, 2021, and February 26, both at 7:30. Look on the website for additional details on the series with particular attention on how to sign up for these virtual presentations.  As usual, these lectures are free but donations never come amiss. Contact to sign up or to get more information.

If this series is well-received, there is a possibility of another virtual lecture in March.