by Brent Eades

By this point our town has been on so many of these lists, from so many major publications, that it’s almost getting embarrassing. But in a good way of course!

Anyway: Reader’s Digest magazine has published its list of the Top 20 Places to Spend Christmas in Canada, and we’re at #4. The write-up says:

This picture-perfect town just southwest of Ottawa has served as the filming location for countless festive flicks, including The Rooftop Christmas Tree and Christmas Festival of Ice. Step into your own Hallmark-worthy winter wonderland by touring its impossibly charming streets and scenic waterfalls. If you can, time your visit for the first Friday of December: the town’s population literally doubles for the downtown’s annual “Light Up the Night” festivities. Plus, the townsfolk are among the kindest in Canada—read about how the people of Almonte stopped at nothing to return an old photo to its original owners.

That sounds like a pretty darn good summary of our community to me.