Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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ArchivesAlmonte resident James Hugessen awarded the Order of Canada

Almonte resident James Hugessen awarded the Order of Canada

Photo ©  Metroland, taken by reporter Tiffany Lepack

Retired Federal Court of Appeal Justice and Almonte resident Jim Hugessen has been awarded the Order of Canada. His name appears on the recent appointments list. He has been honoured for his dedication to the cause of justice and to his service to the advancement of disability law. Mr. Justice Hugessen has suffered for vision difficulties for many years and is now legally blind. As a judge, he had a program that converted text to speech at high speed and this allowed him to gather the incredible amount of information involved in a case.

Justice Hugessen received a personal call from Governor General David Johnston, whom he had known as a colleague at McGill University.  Read the full story here.




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