As part of its long-running ‘Goose People’ series, the Canada Goose company, makers of the iconic Canadian parka, have run a profile of local resident Paddy Doyle.

Paddy has been a pilot with First Air for many years and has spent his career flying to remote locations throughout Canada’s north. The profile recounts an emergency landing he made on the tundra, and the three-day ordeal he underwent before being rescued.

Read the profile.

The company says of ‘Goose People’:

Goose People dream big dreams and take big swings. Their journeys, achievements and take-charge attitudes help us find meaning in the farthest corners of the Earth.

Goose People is a concept, an ideology… It manifests itself in our Canadian identity, our international presence and, most importantly, through our fans and consumers. Goose People have become a lens that colour everything we do and think about.

We’re proud to have them as our ambassadors—and know that no matter where they call home, they epitomize the values that we consider so quintessentially Canadian.