On Saturday December 2, Sivarulrasa Gallery celebrated its third anniversary in Almonte with a new exhibition of 16 artists from Almonte, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, and Halifax. The gallery has celebrated its anniversary each year and this was not only the largest anniversary exhibition, but its biggest of the year and continues until December 30.  The show features works large and small, including paintings, sculpture, drawings, and photographic works. Featured artists are Sue Adams, Sarah Anderson, Deborah Arnold, Russell Baron, Carly Belford, Adrienne Dagg, Dale Dunning, Barbara Gamble, Jim Hake, Jane Irwin, David Kearn, Gayle Kells, Susan Low-Beer, Sanjeev Sivarulrasa, Susan Tooke, and Mirana Zuger.

left to right: Sanjeev Sivarulrasa with artists Mirana Zuger, Russell Baron, Jane Irwin, and Carly Belford.

Gallery owner Sanjeev Sivarulrasa gave a touching tribute to his artists and sculptor Deborah Arnold thanked him for his representation and his ambition to make this gallery and its artists important not only in Almonte but across the nation.

left to right: Artists Barbara Gamble and Carly Belford

Refreshments were served to the enthusiastic crowd of art lovers while pianist Michael Costello graced the event with classical music.

Of art, Sanjeev said that he thinks that art stimulates both our intellect and our emotions. He likes art that stirs him on multiple levels – work that evokes and provokes and makes us question things. For Sanjeev the art object is a metaphor for something deeper. When he presents work to clients, he tries to connect them to the artist’s intent as well as the context for the work – the gallery tries to promote a broader dialogue not just about the object someone might want to buy but rather the importance of art itself in enriching our lives. Based on the three years so far, he thinks the gallery is on the right track!

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Photos by  Raymond Dubois/Sivarulrasa Gallery.