by Noreen Young and Bruce Kingsley

Robin Singleton's gardenHey Mr/Ms Millstone!  Wait for me!  I’ve got an honourable mention for the Yard of the Week.  I know I’m late and that the official nominations are over until next year but this is a strictly unofficial and, since it’s for an Honorable Mention and not a Winner Award, couldn’t you please make an exception?

 This is the front yard of Ms Robin Singleton at 418 Perth Street in Almonte.  Robin gets a lot of joy out of looking at her garden which was built by landscaper, Allan Goddard.   Most of the time Robin is a shut-in and can’t get out every day so her garden has given her a lot of happiness this summer.  She says, “One of the best things I ever did was to keep my mouth shut and let Allan design my garden the way he wanted to.  It’s absolutely beautiful!!.  Thank you, Allan.”

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