Saturday, September 23, 2023
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Diana’s Quiz – September 23, 2023

by Diana Filer 1.  What is the Khalistan...

Almonte in Concert announces its 2023-24 concert season

Mark your calendars for another season of...

Generous Helpings: Safari Dinner fundraiser for Food Bank

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Municipal Election 2022An Idea Worth Pursuing! An Open Letter to Electoral Candidates

An Idea Worth Pursuing! An Open Letter to Electoral Candidates

Congratulations to Christa Lowry as Mayor acclaimed. Thank you to all candidates for running in our upcoming municipal election. We salute your willingness to serve our community and applaud your time and energy.

As you meet and speak with town folks in the run-up to the election, you no doubt are hearing many concerns and ideas. We have a positive idea that we hope you can all embrace, namely, constructing a covered structure as a gathering place on Lanark County land adjacent to the Mississippi Mills Library.

You may be aware of the covered market square in Carleton Place adjacent to the Trans Canada Trail at the corner of Lake and Beckwith Streets. This structure built in 2012, serves the local Farmers Market and as a gathering/ meeting place for other local organizations and interests.

Approximately 160 ft long by 40 ft wide, it sits on a concrete pad, has pillars made of stonework with electrical outlets, and a pine wood ceiling interior with a washroom and a storage space at one end.

This multi-purpose facility is welcoming, provides plenty of space, and is designed to beautify the surrounding area.

It seems to us that a similar multi-purpose structure could and should be built in the centre of our town. It would certainly enhance the area and blend well into the surrounding landscape as part of our beautification effort for the downtown area and Alameda Trail.

Such a space would provide shade, fresh ventilation, and protection from the elements. It could be utilized by the Almonte Farmers market vendors and other artisans/ crafters and would free up Library parking spaces when presently the Farmers Market vendors set up on Saturdays in the parking lot. It would be ideal for outdoor concerts/ theatre and for those utilizing the Ottawa Valley Rail Trial as a place to pause or rest. Its presence might encourage more use of the nearby stone oven as well. Most importantly there is sufficient space to construct this facility.

We invite electoral candidates to explore and move this idea forward at an early Council meeting once the Election is complete and in cooperation with officials from Lanark County. Perhaps local contractors/ businesses/ citizens would be willing to assist in the cost of constructing such a facility.

With Respect.

Wayne Morrison & Jim Moore




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