Monday, March 4, 2024
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AGH Emergency Department closed on evening of March 2

The Emergency Department at Almonte General Hospital...
ArchivesAnother movie crew in town

Another movie crew in town

IMG_5127 (1280x960)
All photos courtesy of Pauline Byrne Donaldson.

by Brent Eades

Yet another movie crew is shooting scenes in Almonte. As of 6 pm Monday evening crews and equipment were set up on Elgin Street.

The Millstone received a note from the municipality today saying that a film called A Rooftop Christmas Tree would be shooting scenes here over the next several weeks.

We also received this email yesterday from the casting company:

We are looking for Extras/Backgorund performers of all ages for the Feature Film ‘A Rooftop Christmas Tree'” !! Lunch, snacks, and meals provided! Extras are paid $12/hr.

Filming starts February 22 through to March 14th in Ottawa.

Please send us an email with any type of photo to EXTRAWORKOTTAWA@OUTLOOK.COM with your contact numbers and with the subject heading “ALMONTE EXTRA”. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO WRITE THAT IN THE SUBJECT HEADING OR YOUR EMAIL MAY BE DISREGARDED!!!

No experience needed, anyone can apply. Tell your friends and work with them on set!! Multiple working days available!! You can work up to 2 weeks!! Please share the posting with your friends who live in ALMONTE!!

We’re on the lookout for any and all photos and stories about this film being shot in our town. Please send any information to
IMG_5128 (1280x960)IMG_5126 (1280x960)Pauline




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