by Marilyn Snedden

The final Car Bingo of 2017, sponsored by the North Lanark Agricultural Society,was held on Sept.6 with over 80 cars in attendance. Some nights there were over 100 cars so the teen volunteers who helped out this year were much appreciated.

There were also teens helping in the Snack Shack where hot dogs, popcorn and homemade pie were popular. It takes about a dozen volunteers to run the event but everyone enjoys working at it. It’s quite amazing how excited some winners get ,even if they have to split the prize money three ways!

The proceeds go towards keeping the buildings and grounds in decent shape. The Ontario Trillium Fund grant allowed a great improvement on the exterior of the main hall so our next focus is on renovations to the interior-especially the washrooms.

Thank you to all the volunteers who worked at the gate, called numbers, set up the sound system , checked winners at the cars,made the pies, and worked in the Snack Shack. Also to everyone who played bingo and supported this annual venture. See you next year.