1. quizIsinglass is made  from codfish (and sometimes sturgeon) bladders.  It is mainly used for clarifying beer these days, although it was also used to preserve eggs during WWII.  Some sheets of mica are also called isinglass.
  2.  The Chicago Black Hawks won the Stanley Cup by beating the Tampa Bay Lightning 2-0.
  3.  Scrip is a term for any substitute for legal tender, when money is for some reason temporarily unavailable.
  4.  Dal Richards of Vancouver, BC, is, at 97, the oldest active band leader in the country.  He formed his first band in 1938, and hired a thirteen-year-old singer, Juliette (Our Pet) in 1940.  And he’s still blowing his sax!
  5.  Zinzulation is the term for the sound of power saws.