1.  PIR means ‘parents in room’ on email, usually when young people are texting friends on their cell phones and the like.

2.  As well as being an anonymous person, an anonym is a pseudonym.

3.  In Heaven Knows, Mr Allison, Robert Mitchum played the title role, opposite Deborah Kerr, who won the 1957 Best Actress Oscar as the nun Sister Angela.

4.  The current acting president of  Ukraine is Alexander Turchnyov, the current chairman of the Ukraine parliament, after Viktor Yanukovych was ousted on February 21 last.  It is unclear if his removal was legal.


5.  WD-40 is a rust prevention solvent , which works through water displacement, hence the WD part, and it took the  developer, the Rocket Chemical Company 40 attempts to perfect it.