1. quiz The ‘cooked earth’ pottery is terra cotta.
  2.  A delayed offside in hockey: If an attacking player is offside inside the blue line, but the defending team has the puck, then the linesman will give the defending team a chance to move the puck and begin an attack before blowing his whistle to stop the play.  If the defending team fails to move the puck outside the blue line, then the offside call is made.
  3.  From 1940 to 1990, Ginger Rogers owned and operated a modern dairy farm of 1,000 acres on the Rogue River near Medford, Oregon.
  4.   The explosion in April, 1958, cleared a passage for marine traffic by blowing up the twin underwater peaks called Ripple Rock in Seymour Narrows, between Gulf Islands off the BC coast.  Captain George Vancouver had called it ‘one of the vilest stretches of water in the world’.
  5.  Dancing bears are not good at dancing because they have two left feet.