Monday, February 26, 2024
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FeaturesApple Day in Almonte

Apple Day in Almonte

by Noreen Young

It was  a beautiful autumn day in Almonte last Saturday and if you followed the tangy scent of apple pies baking and hot cider simmering, you would eventually come to a small house on the Mississippi River… the traditional site for APPLE DAY!!!   Now in its 6th year, Apple Day was founded by Jennifer Kingsley, writer, nature guide, explorer and previous occupant of this charming riverside residence.  Originally intended as a seasonal get-together for her close friends and neighbours, Jenny has continued the tradition of Apple Day and it now includes young children and new friends who all want to be part of the process – and with 6 years experience, the process now moves more smoothly than ever.  By the end of the day, everyone takes home yummy pies and delicious bottled cider.

Current occupant of the house, Perianne Jones, was warned that a condition of living in this house was being willing to open it up once a year for this time-honoured tradition.  It’s not everyone who would allow 40 – 50 mostly strangers into their house, but Perianne is a  true Champion and she did.  For that she is rewarded with a gold medal for being such a good sport…plus a pie and some cider!! 

Apple bobbing in water © Bruce Kingsley
The start of the process – washing the apples
Cutting up apples in preparation for pressing and pie making
Cutting up apples in preparation for pressing and pie making © Noreen Young
Apple Pressing 3
Pressing the apples to mash with an innovative machine made from plumbing parts
Apple pressing
Pressing the mash to release the fresh juice
Jenny KIngsley making fresh apple cide
Jenny Kingsley tastes the fresh apple cider
Lunch on Apple Day
Lunch break
Noreen Young the pastry maker
Noreen Young rolls out pie pastry
Apple pie fixings
Apple pie fixings


Apple pies in progress
Ready for the oven

 Photos © Susan Ouellette unless otherwise noted. 




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