Did you go to S.S. # 11 Ramsay school In Appleton? Come share some memories August 4, 2018 

A group of volunteers with the North Lanark Regional Museum have been hard at work planning a reunion of former students and family members who attended S.S. # 11 Ramsay school in Appleton. The last reunion was held in 1985 with lots of families attending. Many of those who came in 1985 are no longer with us, so it is important to remember them in addition to the good times at the school.

The reunion is planned for Saturday August 4th at the Museum, located on the grounds of the former school at 647 River Road, Appleton.

To fundraise for the reunion, the group has created a calendar, SS# 11: Ramsay School Memories, depicting memories from the school and Appleton area. It includes pictures of the village over the years – the Collie Woolen mill, Snedden’s garage, Stewart house and others. Also captured are class pictures, including one from 1905 and the last class in 1966-67, as well as crafts and activities done by the students both in and out of school. Photographs from the 1985 reunion are also included.

This calendar is more than the 12 months of 2018, but a great keepsake for family members. It is available at the North Lanark Regional Museum for $10 and from some of the reunion group members – Nancy Dupuis 613-222-1771, Eleanor Wright 613-257-3991, and Trisha Stewart 613-256-4603.

Additional funds are raised through monthly euchre parties at the Museum, usually the last Saturday afternoon of the month. If you are interested in joining, please get in touch! Marion Timmins is helping out by organizing the parties, while volunteers provide sandwiches and treats. There will be parties from January through April, 2018.

Donations are also gratefully accepted and any extra funds will go to the Museum.

Check out Remembering SS#11, Appleton, ON on Facebook to keep up-to-date on activities. We hope you will sign up and come join us at the Reunion next August 4th.