Carriageways Studios Launches its artist run-centre March 5&6, just off Mill Street Almonte (through the carriageway behind #65 Mill St)

We are excited to let you know about a venture we have been developing over the last few months here in Almonte: We have created an artist-run centre in the middle of our historic downtown.  The space houses 5 private studios and a large workshop/ teaching/event space and another space that could house a small retail business (still looking for the right person to launch a fun business along with us: Ideas?)

The website is underway but still quite useful:

We already are scheduling events for March and April and more are in the works for the rest of the year.

Please note 2 items of interest for March:

  1. Open Drawing Sessions ( facilitated by Chandler Swain) Wednesdays 7-9 pm : see website for details $10/drop-in fee.
  2. The first event in our Imagineer’s Series will be presented by Stephen Brathwaite: Architectural Art Glass and other Curiosities: Donations accepted to help run the centre.

    (Imagineers are those who imagine big creative ideas and then proceed to manifest them: what makes them tick and what were their inspirations and mentors?)

Since we have a nice kitchen at the studios, tea, snacks, other bevvies, etc. will be a nice part of our evenings.

We also look forward to seeing you during our open house weekend and if you are up for it: at our party Saturday night. Caution: there will be dancing, which as you know may lead to making art.