On Saturday December 16, from 2 pm to 4 pm, artist Jenny McMaster will present a talk about her current exhibition of fibre-based maps in the Museum’s lower gallery.

This collection was prompted by a request from the Museum’s curator, who asked McMaster to create a series of works in response to the archival maps in the Museum’s collection. She soon found that the maps revealed the industrial and urban development brought about by the water power from the Mississippi River. The former Rosamond Woolen Mill, which now houses the museum, would never have been built without the dramatic water fall beside it.

The sources for this series of works ranged from a simple line map, drawn in 1829, to Google Earth’s checkered grid of photographs. McMaster became fascinated with changes in the shape and angle of the river from map to map. The perspective and methods of the cartographers, as well as the interests of the town’s inhabitants, seemed to change the very shape of Lanark County.

The resulting artworks employ handmade paper, pulp painting and embroidery and range from fairly faithful copies of the originals, to playful artistic interpretations. Once you become immersed in Jenny’s beautiful, textured and detailed work, you will never look at Almonte and its river the same way again.
Don’t miss a chance to hear the artist give a personal tour and revealing look into the development of this wonderful exhibition.
For more information call 613 256-3754. The Mississippi Valley Textile Museum is located at 3 Rosamond St. East in Almonte.