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LivingHealthAutumn’s glory & the allergy story

Autumn’s glory & the allergy story

The beautiful Autumn season is here, and we can smell it in the air. But as vividly spectacular as the season is, it is also a time for our flora and fungi to release their final flurry into the air. Pollens, mould spores and dust mites peak, and the battle against seasonal allergies begins. A familiar story for many of us. I have noticed that this season seems to be particularly bad for many of my clients.

With our seasons getting hotter and longer, and by-products in our air such as the forest fire smoke, our allergens are becoming more immunogenic.*


Although natural treatments can’t replace your allergy medications, they can work alongside them to help:

TONE DOWN YOUR TRIGGERS: If you are an outdoor enthusiast, know that that pollen counts are generally highest between 5-10 am. Consider leaving shoes outside, change your clothes or shower when you come indoors. Be sure to wash your hands!

TREAT YOUR HOME: Keep your windows shut in peak pollen hours and run your air instead if you can. Consider a HEPA filter for your home and vacuum cleaner.


  • Eating something spicy is said to help thin mucus and clear congestion. A teaspoon of honey can soothe your throat.
  • Neti pots and saline sprays can flush out your nasal passages. They help clear out pollen and other irritants.
  • Include face and scalp acupressure for the sinuses in your next massage. Although this isn’t a cure, I have found that many clients have had great relief from pressure and congestion after the treatment.

Autumn in Mississippi Mills is such a spectacle and a season worthy of enjoying. Natural remedies can make a difference. Just remember that they shouldn’t replace medications and other treatments. Listen to your body and if your symptoms aren’t improving or they’re affecting your daily activities, be sure to see a doctor.

Happy Fall y’all!

Anne Käärid, RMT
154 Elgin Street, Suite 5 • Almonte, ON K0A 1A0

*Prof. Persia Pourshahnazari of UBC Allergy & Immunology





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