A new year is upon us, and as 2021 begins it is exciting to see the launch of a new website devoted to a life’s work in art.

Almonte-area artist Kaija Savinainen Mountain says the website “is both a retrospective of my work and a reflection of my paintings up to this moment. Putting this together has been an emotional journey. It’s an insight into how I see things, and how I capture on canvas the colour, the evocative beauty and feelings of places and times I have experienced over my career in art.”

Kaija’s journey in art extends from the northern beauty of Yellowknife NWT to the long stretches of the  Madawaska River, the Ottawa Valley’s landscapes, the grandeur of  Algonquin Park and  Lake Superior country, and her studio/farm of gardens and animal friends.

Kaija says, “This collection of my work — through the magic of this website — is my story in art. I am proud to share it for It’s a new chapter for me, as I take my art out into the wider world.”

Website:  https://www.kaijasavinainen.com/