It is not every day that a person can go to the Supreme Court of Canada without being prosecuted and come away a free person!  But you can do that on May 30 because Mills Community Support has arranged a day trip to Ottawa – including a tour of the Supreme Court.

Our visit to the stately Supreme Court building, which houses the highest court of appeal for criminal and civil cases in Canada, will include a tour guided by law students. Our tour may include a mock trial where you participate as either accused, judge or jury. Imagine making high profile judgments on important issues of law!  If court is in session, we may be able to oversee proceedings in the actual main courtroom, should circumstances and the case being heard permit.

After our tour, we will head to the beautiful Byward Market for lunch.  We will take time for a stroll around the market stalls to pass judgement on the seasonal fruit, vegetables and flowers, too.

Come out and join us for this trip to our beautiful capital city.  Space will be at a premium for this trip so book early to get a seat by calling the Home Support office at (613) 256-4700.