Sunday, May 19, 2024
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LivingHealthBean there, done that…

Bean there, done that…

‘Work hard. Give back. Have fun.’ Those are the three things that came to mind when April Bean was asked to reflect on what she feels her grandparents, Carol and Brian Bean, have taught her over the years.  She also believes they instilled those same values in their own children, including April’s father, Keith, owner of Bean Chevrolet in Carleton Place. And it’s a big reason that Keith, April and the Bean dealership are again sponsoring the Win2021 Hospital Lottery featuring a 2021 Chevrolet Blazer as the grand prize.

Both Keith and April have fond memories of when Carol and Brian owned the Pakenham General Store from 1987 to 2002.  They remember Carol and Brian holding house tours as fundraisers, capitalizing on the beautiful old stone home and the store they owned.  Proceeds sometimes went to the Almonte General Hospital, where Carol served on the board, or sometimes went to the Heart Institute, where she was Director of Nursing.

“Being involved in community was just something the family always did,” said Keith, reflecting on growing up with his sister Deanna.  “I remember my dad helping to build a community centre and flooding the community rink, and my mom helping out at the hospital and the church.  We always went with our parents to do all these things.” He also remembers Dr. Wilbert Keon, the world renowned heart surgeon and former director of the Institute, being in his backyard.

Since moving back from Brockville six years ago when he purchased the former Bennett dealership, Keith, and April who has worked there now for five years, have continuously increased their community support.  “Why wouldn’t we?” said April, “this is where we live.  We sponsor a lot of teams, probably because we know how good sports are for local young people.  I benefited from playing team sports while growing up in Almonte and Brockville.  Even in business now, we hire people who understand and embrace a team approach to being successful and who value community.”

As well as teams, Keith started out sponsoring events for both the Almonte and Carleton Place hospital foundations, like their annual golf tournaments etc., but he always wanted to see his investments go farther.  Probably because he has learned how great the need is.

“It’s not really public knowledge that although our provincial government pays to operate our hospitals, the government does not pay for all the life-saving equipment inside a hospital.  That is purchased by donations from the local community!  The value of the cars we donate gets paid back three or four times over, and thanks to ticket buyers, funds three-to-four times as much clinical equipment.”

All three generations of Beans spoke about this region being there ‘home’ when asked, and how important it is to give back and support where they live.  Plus, according to April, “we see the energy it brings to the dealership and our employees. Everyone is proud that we’re supporting our local hospitals.”  All three generations also talk about having to use the hospitals for lumps, bumps, breaks and births too.

But three generations doesn’t completely capture the whole story of community support.  Carol was proud to point out that the family legacy of philanthropy actually extends back even farther than her and Brian.  His family, offshoots from Cavanagh clans, lived in the region beginning in the 1820s.  Members  of those families were responsible for donating land in Carp and Dunrobin on which community churches were built.

From land and churches to house tours to vintage and brand new cars, the family has come a long way.  More recently, the Car or Cash for Health Care lottery presented in 2018 offered the chance to win a 1969 Firebird convertible.  Both hospitals raised about $45,000 that year.  Although no raffle was held in 2019, last year’s Win2020 Hospital Lottery offered a new 2020 Chevy Camaro.  Tickets sold out and each hospital received close to $90,000.

Carol and Brian are obviously extremely proud of Keith’s generosity, and how he is passing on the same values to his own children.  Carol remembers when Keith was born, as a nurse she knew how to look after a baby, but wondered “did I know how to raise a child with good values?”  Clearly she and Brian figured it out.

This year’s Win2021 Hospital Lottery features a 2021 Chevy Blazer RS AWD valued at $65,000.  The winner will be announced live July 8 at 7 p.m. on both foundations’ Facebook pages.  Tickets are $35 for one or $100 for three.  Tickets, available online at, are only on sale until 6 p.m. July 8.

The Win2021 Hospital Lottery is licensed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (License Number LL RAF1204604).  All net proceeds will be shared equally between the two hospital foundations.




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