​November 16th, 7:00pm​

What can we give you, this busy season? Hm… how about a pause to really relax. An evening with no pressure, no stress, no expectations. Just come and enjoy a beautiful concert with us, to celebrate the turning of the year.

The Heather Dale Band offers a mix of sweet, ethereal, and joyful Renaissance music, mixed seamlessly with your favourite Celtic ballads. We sing in 8 different languages: Irish Gaelic, Welsh/Cymraeg, Cornish/Kernewek, French, English, Latin, German, and even the Native Canadian Huron/Wendat language. We also play a wide variety of interesting instruments, from Medieval percussion and hammered dulcimer, to the more familiar guitar and Irish flute.

Come and find your own Celtic Spark this holiday season — we promise you’ll leave smiling!

Heather Dale, Celt Fest alumni, will be live on stage at Mississippi Mills Musicworks with a magical night of Celtic Music. Alexander George, local fiddler and winner of the Danny O’Connell scholarship 2017 will be opening for the show at 7:00pm. Celtic Spark begins at 7:30. Enjoy a night with friends in this intimate venue where meeting the artist is a part of the charm. Refreshments available.

tickets are $20 for Adults, $10 for Seniors and youth.

453 Ottawa Street (just behind Equator Coffee)

​Tickets available at heatherdale.com/shows or at Musicworks. ​