Sept 29-Oct 31, 2015


BEAUTIFUL DESTRUCTION: aerial photography of the Alberta Tar Sands

Helbig’s aerial photographs of the Alberta Oil/Tar Sands project have been instrumental in shedding light on this enormous environmental concern. Visually powerful and socially relevant, a selection from the series are currently on exhibit at General Fine Craft, Art & Design in Almonte, Ontario.

We are delighted that the artist will give an extended talk on his work in the gallery on Sunday Oct. 18 from 1-3 pm, the day before our federal election. Having him speak about his work in the presence of this stunning selection of photographs is a DO NOT MISS opportunity.

Since Helbig and his family will be moving from Ottawa to Australia in the coming months, this is the last exposition of his Beautiful Destruction series in Canada for the foreseeable future. Please take the opportunity to experience it.

As well as photographs, hardcover editions of Beautiful Destruction are available for purchase.

Visit the website: for a myriad of reviews (including The Guardian,The New Scientist and CBC) to gain perspective on the importance of this body of work.

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