Three great series of guitar classes starting at Musicworks in April. For details contact or call Wendy at 613-256-7464

Beginner Guitar

April 11th – May 30th 
Wednesdays 4:45-5:45pm
$150 for 8 weeks

The first eight lessons we receive are the most important because they establish the foundation of the way we play and everything else we play will be affected by the way you learned to play the guitar.

Here is a chance to get an excellent introduction to the instrument to prevent injury, avoid bad habits, have more fun, play better in the long run and cut years off your learning curve by getting the very best first lessons in this wonderful group class that is both supportive and substantive to get you playing with ease. Rock on!

Dust off the strings

Musicworks presents: an ACOUSTIC GUITAR WORKSHOP

April 11th to May 30th
Wednesdays 6:00-7:15
$180 for 8 weeks

Come join a supportive group of fellow lapsed pickers and strummers and get your groove back on with an experienced professional and patient teacher. This eight week course will focus on working with the C, A, G, E and D major, minor and dominant forms of open position chords in the left hand .While in the right hand we will learn P-I-M-A arpeggios, Carter style strumming, Travis style finger picking, and a simple thumb approach.

Each hour and fifteen minute long session will introduce new material, and include a review of the previous week. Melody, harmony and rhythm are all explored through the techniques and signature songs of the world’s most popular instrument including blues, folk, country and rock & roll hits.

The joy of playing the guitar is something we can experience at any level, beginner on up, so don’t be shy; group size is small to ensure that all students get a bit of individual attention when needed. This is a great opportunity to get a fun and straight forward introduction to the fundamentals of technique, theory and tunes.  or call Wendy at 613-256-7464

Flamenco guitar

April 11th to May 30th 7:30–8:45
Cost $180

Flamenco is a deep art form combining song, dance and guitar from Southern Spain. The guitar serves to accompany the singers and dancers. It is both complex and beautiful relying on an amazing set of techniques unique to this wonderful way of playing.

This eight week introduction to flamenco is intended for those who have some working guitar knowledge of open chords and have a nylon string or classical guitar. We will discover the world of right & left hand techniques of flamenco guitarists including Rasqueado, Alzapau, Appreggio, Pulgar, Picado, Tremelo and Golpe.  Rhythms of Bulerias, Solea, Siguirillas, and Tangos will be decoded using traditional Palmas patterns and we will learn terms that define the structure and form of a piece such as entradas, cierres, llamadas, escobillias, compass, falsettas and more.

This will be a neat, low stress way to learn about flamenco without having to go to Spain. This workshop is designed as an overview of the landscape of modern flamenco guitar both informative talks with practical playing advice.

Mississippi Mills Musicworks
453 Ottawa Street,
Almonte, Ontario