by Brent Eades

Local residents and family members gathered today by Old Town Hall for the unveiling of the Bernard Cameron Memorial Fountain, located between Thoburn Mill and the Riverwalk.

Bernard, a retired teacher and much-respected member of Council, died in a tragic shooting in February of 2016.

His widow Catherine addressed the gathering, saying that this was a chance to remember Bernard’s life, not his death. She said that the installation of a fountain in the river was an idea Bernard had championed over the years.

After a countdown the fountain was turned on, sending arcs of glittering water high in the air. It has lights installed that will be turned on at 7 pm each evening.

The fountain is a beautiful addition to our river and a fitting tribute to a much-loved Councillor, teacher and neighbour.

Some photos:

People gather for the dedication
Catherine Cameron addresses the crowd
The fountain is turned on
From certain angles a rainbow appears in the fountain’s spray
Members of Council join hands in remembrance and celebration of Bernard’s life.