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Science & NatureNatureBirdhouse Bonanza: Tribute to a Friendship

Birdhouse Bonanza: Tribute to a Friendship

by Glenda Jones

When words fail, turn to art. Internationally acclaimed metal sculptor Dale Dunning has created a unique work for the Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust which he has agreed to auction during the Birdhouse Bonanza 2022 in memory and in honour of his close friend of 50 years, the late Mike Macpherson. Both men shared a love of nature and spent time in the spring waiting for the return of bluebirds. Finding a perfectly preserved little bird in the bottom of a nesting box provided the inspiration for Dale’s piece called “Out on a Limb”, a bare branch supporting a delicate nest lined with feathers and the perfectly formed wee bird.

The Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust is privileged to present this stunning piece which symbolizes the preservation and protection of nature, to which Mike Macpherson dedicated so much of his time.

Working at his Lost and Foundry studio in Almonte, Dale Dunning has produced sculptures for galleries and buyers worldwide. Locally, his work is featured at the Sivarulrasa Gallery in Almonte, and on display at the entrance to the Almonte General Hospital.

“Out on a Limb” is more than a sculpture; it is a memorial to a friendship that endured over 50 years.




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